EUROTECH Water Treatment Systems

Since 1994, EUROTECH has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of water treatment systems. Thanks to its specialization, the company has managed to stand out for the high quality style.

  • The main strength is to offer “ready for delivery” systems, keeping high quality standard. The relationship with the client is the starting point for
    customized products development.
  • EUROTECH, through a production internalization supported by a technological apparatus, is able to manage all the process phases, from the design up to the product realization. Thanks to this, EUROTECH is one of the few companies in its sector which offer an international service.
  • All the production process is carried out in compliance with quality certifications.


Thanks to its improved experience in water treatment field, EUROTECH produces customized products, aimed to solve specific customer problems. The main product categories concern ultraviolet systems and filtering units.